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beyond nursing, finding the right tools is imperative

these are some of the things I couldn't have gone through school without

*not sponsored*


The free version of this is pretty solid if I'm honest. So if you're cutting down expenses no need to go full out with the premium.

This is so much better than the regular spell check on word documents, & I highly encourage you to use it.

Do I have premium? Oh ya. I have always struggled with my writing. Less so in terms of coming up with content. More so with the editing out. 

Premium lets you set the tone of what you want your writing to be, gives you suggestions to improve, corrects grammar errors normally missed in other word docs & will let you know when something is hard to decipher. 

So if you're like me & need a little extra help - premium might be the way to go


I cant tell you when I found this site, but I can say it has saved me multiple times. 

I despise the tedious process of writing out citations from scratch with such deep loathing that it spooks me a bit. It doesn't help that I'm obsessive about providing resources.

When I found this site I could have cried. Maybe I did, I honestly can't remember. 

Throw in your journal article, book, webpage, ANYTHING, and it puts it in the proper format, provides the in-text citation, & when you're done you can export the entire list with the italics and all that in the right places.

I highly recommend throwing it in your bookmarks & treasuring it forever.


We've established how strongly I feel about information being free & accessible, right?

If you didn't read the 'about' page then maybe you don't know. Its fine, its cool. Maybe you'll read it later. 

But to reemphasize - I feel pretty strongly about it.

This site helps you access academic & scientific documents without cost - all you need is the URL or DOI. 

Very helpful when you think you found the perfect reference, only to be locked out and told to hand over $40. 


I'm going to let you in on a secret.

I stopped taking notes half way through my first term. 

Well - at least notes in the traditional sense. You know, sitting there with a blank sheet of paper/document & trying to keep up?

Instead I started making PDF copies of the power points before class, uploading them to Adobe Acrobat, & using a stylus to fill in information & context directly onto the slides. & I will never go back. 

With this method I could avoid re-writing the important information since it was already in the slide & instead focus on the lecture & making sure that my notes had enough context to make sense when I reviewed them later on. 

Since it's such a staple of my schooling I shelled out for the paid version ($8 CAD/month) - which means I can:

→combine multiple PDF files

→organize pages

→do a bunch of other little things

→& most importantly upload all my files to a cloud so I can access them on multiple devices 

10/10 recommend this note taking method!

*Also Adobe has a free 'scan' app that uses your camera to scan & save whatever you need - its fantastic.


Or honestly, any app that helps you utilize the Pomodoro Technique

There is nothing more frustrating than spending an entire day studying, then realizing that you don't remember anything

Your brain is like a muscle, working it too hard for too long will do more harm than good

This technique utilizes evidence that showed our brains have a "golden period" of about 25m where information retention is top-notch. Any longer than that though & retention took a nosedive. Think of it like a HIIT workout for your noggin'.

25m of high focus studying, 5m break, & repeat 3-4 times, then a 25m break, & the cycle starts all over

No joke, this method made a dramatic difference in my ability to recall information & my grades reflected it almost immediately 

I've tried a couple of different apps & so far Focus To-Do is my favourite since I can connect all of my devices - but the free apps or just a timer (if you have the self-control) definitely do the trick as well!

Dont see what you need? Something you think would be helpful?

Head over to the Forum & leave your suggestions for new content!

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