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If you're like me, a visual learner, who loves to make sheets & guides this is such a fantastic tool 

I also use it to make things like cards, posts, all the graphics on this page & so much more

There is a free & premium option - for my usage I got the premium which was incredibly well priced & 100% worth it


I think I recommend this to every other person I meet.

If you don't already know what this is, let me tell you. It is a gift to the world of people who shop too much online but are also chronic couponers. 

The reason why I'm including this in the 'educational resources' section is that it saved me a pretty penny whenever I needed to buy textbooks, scrubs, or clinical supploes. 

Download the extension, add whatever you want to your cart, & run the program before you check out. How it works I have no clue, it finds coupon codes you wouldn't have tracked down even after hours of searching, runs them automatically, & applies the best deal. 

To be fair, sometimes there's no coupons to be found but most of the time its something. 

Did I mention it's 100% free?


When I'm writing something but have limited space or time I love to shorten everything

Whether its school notes, my guides here, or little things here & there this site is perfect

Don't ask me how it does it cause I don't know, but whatever word you want to shorten - it knows how

*these are not clinically approved abbreviations & should never be used in formal documentation


When you're in school or working full-time cooking/meal planning is exhausting, expensive, & usually leads to just ordering in or getting fast food. 

Even for those who love to cook & bake (like me) the mental aerobics of trying to figure out what to make & what to buy is just more brain power that I don't have at the moment. 

Finding this app has honestly been a game changer for my household. While I did opt for the paid version, it has paid for itself many times over when it comes to cutting down on food waste. 

Every 2 weeks I go through & choose the meals I want to make for my household - then it generates a grocery list that I can go through & mark off what I have already. You can even add your own recipes or  change the ones on the app!

I'd be lying if I said that I follow them to a T - which has always been a rarity for me. But overall, everything has turned out great & has helped break the cycle of making the same meals over & over. 

Plus it's nice to bring something other than pizza for lunch.

Dont see what you need? Something you think would be helpful?

Head over to the Forum & leave your suggestions for new content!

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