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one of the things you're going to hear non-stop is the importance of time management

and one of the biggest tools to managing your time is to be organized

find resources here that will help set you up for success



as a constantly developing field of medicine, there's more drugs now than ever before

medication administration will become one of your most important duties & most instructors will want you to know everything about what you give before you give it

check out this page for a list some of the most common med/surg drugs, how to make your own med cards, & more



assessments are always a nurse's first action (ADPIE, anyone?)

for the most part a head to toe will do the trick, but sometimes a focused assessment may be indicated

but what do you need to have a good handle on to truly understand the results of your assessments? A&P of course!



it's crazy how many things can go wrong with the human body

& as nurses, we need to have a grasp on a lot of those diseases, the causes, signs & symptoms, assessments, treatments, & nursing interventions - plus a lot more

learn some more here

Dont see what you need? Something you think would be helpful?

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