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free resources to help get you through school

your patience is greatly appreciated as information gets added
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These guides print out onto an 8.5x11 sheet of paper & fold into a small booklet for quick access when you're being interrogated by the clinical instructor or just prepping


Always refer to approved agency policies, procedures, & scope of practice

Skills checklists are for a more comprehensive understanding only

They are not a replacement for an independent review of your agency's approved policies & procedures.


Whether its anatomy & physiology, pharmacology, assessments, or charting
theres a guide for that
or there will be soon


Getting through nursing school is one thing, but getting a job in the field is a whole different thing

Check out here for not only tips but interesting & modern nursing resume templates - all you have to do is download & customize

Formatted for Google Docs


With so many things to keep track of in a shift, organization is one of the biggest obstacles to time management for students & new nurses

I use these sheets in my everyday practice - I like to call it 'paint-by-numbers nursing' 

All the information in these sheets are essentials for your shift, search through the chart, fill out the sections, & you should have all you need for successful shift planning

If the pre-filled sheets aren't applicable for your facilities policies & procedures - take advantage of the blank sheets by filling out the sections to be in line with your workflow & make copies for the perfect shift outline just for you and your future shifts

Dont see what you need? Or maybe you have some advice for your fellow health care minions? 
Head over to the Forum page and share your experience

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