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if you're like me & want about 15 different ways to access the same information just in case you're missing something - then this page is probably for you


Unlike most of these items, I remember exactly when I found this website. Because I had just finished my pathology class. 

These mind maps are outstanding for all things patho & will make your life just so much easier


I love this man. 

While this does have a membership subscription there are free resources available as well.

If you can afford the subscription it's worth it, but if not no sweat. Their youtube channel has a wonderful selection & usually links their guides. 

It is US based though so always double check lab values


Yes this is a separate entry. I needed space to fully express my adoration for this specific resource. This playlist is all about pharm.

I would listen to this playlist on my way to & from clinical so often that it was my top played for 2020. I swear by it that this is a huge reason why pharm is a strong point for me.

It reviews some of the most common NCLEX meds, their indications, contraindications, MOA, & side effects.

No Spotify? No problem, you can still access the full playlist with a free account - just have to sit through a few ads. 

US based so be mindful of lab values


This woman is such a gem. 

Her youtube videos are in depth & helpful, theres a little bit of everything, & she's a fantastic teacher. 

You'll notice a trend starting - because this is also US based. So while very helpful & informative, be aware that some things in the Great White North are a tad different. 


Another membership site, & this one I didn't personally get - but to each their own. 

What I do love though is the Youtube channel for this site! Plenty there & really helpful. Plus every once & awhile a free guide will be available. 

US based - so keep that in mind

find it here


Hit or miss, but when it's a hit - it's out of the park. 

I used this one a ton for care plans & their 'study notes' can be absolutely fantastic.

They're pretty in-depth & detailed so if you're looking for quick glance, information rich, printable resources - you'll probably spend more time scrolling than you'd like.

But, if you want to know the ins-n-outs of it all theres a good chance that it's most likely on there. 

As you may have guessed - US based. So always double check your information.


Is this specifically a 'nursing' resource? Well, not really - BUT it gave me such a better understanding of pathophysiology, patient experience, history, & treatments for so many diseases. 

It's hard to fully express how genuinely entertaining this podcast is, but I was listening to it well before I even started nursing school.

These 2 incredibly awesome epidemiologists go over so many different conditions. They take what is normally a pretty dry subject & turn it into something that has kept me entertained & laughing for hours on end!

Even if you're not a big podcast fan I can't recommend this one enough - or stress how genuinely enjoyable it is. 

Plus, it's all evidence based & cited on their site - so you know its top tier. 

*To help get you hooked I highly recommend listening to their MRSA or small-pox episodes (they're my favourites)*


Not only do they have the audios here (if you don't have a streaming app) but you can find:

full written transcripts for all episodes (to cite the podcast itself or for those who are hard of hearing) 

academic citations on each episode page (round of applause for evidenced-based information sharing anyone?)

book recommendations for furthering research

wealth of COVID-19 research (in addition to their full audio series)

both alcoholic & non-alcoholic drink recipes themed after each episode topic

of course some merch - because these ladies are hilarious 


When I tell you I was outright giddy finding this site - it's a vast understatement. 

While still an US based resource their information on pathology (especially in a nursing sense) is outstanding. 

I desperately wish I had found this at the start of my program, it would have saved a lot of time digging through the internet for nursing interventions but c'est la vie.


FINALLY! Some Great White North representation!

Run by 2 lovely RNs this resource is great for tips, tricks, & generally continuing education - the icing on the cake? Evidence. Based. 

Their site has some super cute clothes & some digital resources, so be sure to check it out

You can head over to their Instagram by clicking the icon at the bottom of the webpage


Disclaimer: U-S-of-A, so definitely not always 100% applicable to Canadian laws, but still undeniably an asset

Irnise is a Maryland based attorney who dedicates a TON of time & energy to sharing free information with medical professionals (specifically nursing) on the legalities of healthcare & the importance of always covering your own a*s

From incredible case studies to documentation tips, communication tools, & some pretty stunning OOTDs - this woman is 100% the embodiment of a genuine (non-ironic) ✨ b o s s ✨  b a b e ✨

the button will take you to her linktree where you can access all her socials & upcoming workshops

Dont see what you need? Something you think would be helpful?

Head over to the Forum & leave your suggestions for new content!

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