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JOB SEARCH - Filling Out Standardized Applications

Attached applications are only looked at if & when the hiring manager is interested in the standardized application

Priority information at the top


✻ Relevant

✻ Required on the unit

✻ Desirable

➖ Clinical experience

✻ Relevant

✻ Recent

✻ Applicable duties

✻ Useful skills

✨ f l a i r ✨

➖ Take keywords from the job post & use them in the application

➖ Emphasize the qualities & values that are important to the unit

➖ Communicate your teachability & interpersonal skills

SO necessary - especially for new grads

✻ No one is expected to know absolutely everything

✻ Qualities that make the strongest team members ✻

Eagerness to learn

Accepting feedback

Adjusting your practice in response to notes

Awareness of our own limits

Information considerations

➖ Always include the unit description

➖ Insightful descriptions of your duties & responsibilities

➖ If there are standard skills on your unit - state your experience

✻ Surgical units = lots of suture/staple removal & sterile dressings

✻ Day surgery = IV's for everyone

✻ Long term care & geriatrics = dressings for skin tears & catheterization

➖ List your strengths & the areas you are excited to learn more about.

✻ Shows initiative & excitement to expand on your knowledge base

Float & casual: emphasize your adaptability, teamwork, clear communication, & time-management skills

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