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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

General Resume Tips

➖ Format. Is. Key.

✻ There's nothing that stands out more than misalignment

✻ If you're using Word/Google Docs

➤ Utilize tables to keep everything orderly (make sure the lines aren't visible)

Decide what you want your font size to be

✻ Name

✻ Section headers

✻ Body text

✻ Dates

✻ What information will be bolded/underlined/italicized

Be creative! Resumes don't have to be ultra plain

✻ They do have to be consistent & professional.

You don't have to use ol' faithful Times New Roman or Arial - but stick with a modern/corporate font. Just please don't use comic sans.

✻ Great Modern & Professional Fonts ✻









Condense & prioritize. Maximum 2 pages. I know it's hard with previous work experience but only include what's most recent & relevant.

Name & contact information

Email, phone #, & LinkedIn if you want to include it

✻ Address is usually included if you're applying out of the area & may require re-location

Related professional experience (clinical/preceptorship)


➖ 'Student Nurse' if it was clinical/preceptorship.

➖ 'Graduated Nurse' if it was after finishing your program but before licensing

➖ 'Registered Nurse' or 'Licensed Practical Nurse' if it was after you passed your licensing exam.



✻ Be specific - the hiring manager most likely what they did on "Unit XYZ".

✻ Include the unit description example:

Ex: 'General Surgery', 'EENT', 'Cardiology' etc.

▻Dates worked



➖ 3-4 bullet points

➖ Avoid generalized & implied duties

Keyword bonanza - exceptional, efficient, person-centred, collaboration

"Provided person-centred care"

➤ Well... ya. You're a nurse? That's what you're supposed to do, right?

"Incorporated various aspects of holistic healing to provide quality person and family-centred care"

➤ Sparkly

➤ Shows a deeper understanding of whole-person care

➤ Gives the hiring manager a launching point to ask questions.

DON'T reuse the same exact points for each job

✻ I know it's hard, especially since nursing duties are pretty much the same everywhere.

✻ You learned something new at each placement - so try to find those things. Dig into your brain to develop something fresh, relevant, & valuable as a team member.

Most Important Qualities For Nurses


Interdisciplinary coordination

Developing understanding in patho, pharm, & skills

Patient safety

Self-led research

Thorough & efficient documentation

Other work experience

➖ Only what is most recent & relevant. I mean no older than 5-10 years old.

▻Job title

▻ Company name & location

▻ Dates worked


▻ Duties

➖ 3-4 bullet points & applicable skills

Transferrable Skills

Conflict resolution

High pressure/responsibility positions

Management of both staff & services

Exceptional interpersonal requirements

Education history

➖Most recent first

▻ School

▻ Program

▻ Dates

➖ MMM/YYYY - [expected] Graduation date

✻'Present' doesn't give the hiring manager much to go off of.

✻Add a bullet point if:

➤Graduated with distinction, honours, or if you have a GPA above 3.5

➤Incomplete post-secondary: how many credits you have toward the degree/diploma


➖ Can be community leadership, tutoring, or peer support services.

▻ Role

▻ Facility/program/service

➖ A concise description of the service (peer support, housing centre, tutoring, hospital support etc.)

▻ Dates


▻ Duties

➖3-4 duties & applicable skills

✻These are things that are different from what your duties/skills were in clinical settings.

Awards & Nominations

▻ Scholarship name & term

➖Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

▻ Nominated and/or Awarded

▻ Dates

Awarded: MMM/YYYY

Closing date: MMM/YYYY

▻ Award Criteria

➖Quick 1 line description

Ex: Leadership & academic achievement


➖Bullet points for what you feel are your greatest strengths


▻ Name & any specification

▻ Expiry date


Does not include

blood glucose monitoring

▻ you already need to have this in school & it is not really something that's verified during the hiring process.

Does include ✻

N95, CPR, any & all continuing education/advanced education modules

Optional - Personal Overview

➖A very short paragraph about yourself & what your values are

✻ Your cover letter goes into more detail about yourself, so you don't want to be redundant

✻ Sometimes, a cover letter isn't submitted or looked at

✻ Just a brief insight into who you are


Always listed as 'Available Upon Request'

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