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When you share the worlds longest border with a powerhouse like the US it's easy to fall to the wayside & be overlooked

I hope to showcase Canadian creators, businesses, & communities

This list is ever-expanding so if you have a brand or resource you feel deserves more attention please let me know 


- scrubs

Created by Calgary designer, Nina Kharey, these scrubs claim to be antiviral/microbial/bacterial

With plenty of pockets (yes) & sleek design this new brand is really addressing a gap in the Canadian scrub market for those of us who aren't too fond of traditional styles or the international shipping hassles from big names in the States *cough-Figs-cough*.

This brand is still very new & have tended to sell out quick. But I look forward to seeing them grow & expand their inventory.

While I haven't personally had the chance to try these out yet, I definitely hope to add a pair to my collection (I'll let you know when I do)


- scrubs

This scrub brand makes my heart happy, because while I haven't had the chance to try them yet (I'll tell you when I do) their team is made up of some actual nurses from Calgary. 

Why is this a big deal you may ask? Because functionality & realistic application - that's why. When your target market are the ones with input you already have a recipe for success, because they know what's actually important to us. 

This brand is still ultra-new & in the process of growing, but I don't know, I sense big things in the making!


- healthcare apparel

Wear your profession with pride but make it ✨ c u t e ✨

Whether its a customizable group orders for graduating classes or just to treat yourself - head over to their shop for some pretty adorable (& cozy) medicine themed clothes. 

Personally, that capsule crewneck is going on my grad wishlist.

Dont see what you need? Something you think would be helpful?

Head over to the Forum & leave your suggestions for new content!

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