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you're entire career is non-stop continuing education & nursing school is all about building a strong foundation

one of the most important parts of that foundation is understanding what can go wrong with the body, why, how you know, & what to do about it

a well-rounded understanding of pathology will help it all fall into place

Common LTC Conditions

as we age our bodily functions start to... well... not perform at the same standard

for the most part the deterioration of systems follows a common path 

which means that when you're flipping through the medical history of your geriatric patients, you'll be feeling a lot of deja-vu

I've pulled together a list of some of the conditions that have popped up the most on my charts




∙cause (etiology)

∙signs & symptoms 

∙nursing interventions

*always keep in mind that while these conditions may be incredibly common among many patients, each person you treat is an individual & may present/cope differently. Especially when a patient has multiple conditions & treatments that all interact together. No matter how many times you've seen the same condition - always practice person-centred care*

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