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from writing care plans, to organization, schedules, prioritization, & more

make the most of your clinical settings with these resources 


the key to success is always going to be open & clear communication

get off on the right foot with your instructor/preceptor from the jump with this intro sheet

fill out the student sheet to let them know a bit about yourself, your goals, learning style, strengths, areas of continued growth, & expectations

then send them the instructor sheet to get insight into who they are, how they teach, facility information, & their expectiations


depending on your program - there may be a minimum hourly requirement to meet

whether just double-checking or using it as your primary tracking method this spreadsheet will automatically calculate your current hours & what is needed to meet your minimum hours


such a vague term for such a big part of nursing school

if you struggle to understand what in the world a 'care plan' even means - check out the flowsheet to break it down & make all things 'care plan' click

when you're good to go, the template is formatted & ready to be filled in 

-just be sure to complete the pre-submission checklist

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